RKKY Painted Samples

The RKKY painted samples have arrived! A few a little things to correct, but we think they look fantastic! (And while we are on the subject of decoration, a very special thank you is owed to the friend of Hawkmount Models who literally scrubbed the rust off the deck of an RKKY with a brush to find out what the lettering printed there actually said. Unlike the rest of the decoration, the deck lettering isn’t included on the prototype engineering drawings. We’ve faithfully reproduced what he found – see the third photo below).

Just a reminder, the pre-order price of $199.95 per pack has been extended to the end of January, so now’s the time to place an order if you want to take advantage of the discounted price!

RKKY update

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback so far on the RKKY project, but in particular many of those who have been in touch have been very complimentary about the bogies (see image below). Accordingly, we will be making these available as a spare part. (These bogies in prototype form are commonplace under a huge variety of modern Australian wagons, having often been used to replaced life expired original equipment).

After we provided some feedback on the images of painted samples sent through to us by factory, they have made some modifications, and have has advised that the revised decorated samples be leaving for Australia later this week. Further to this, the factory has also advised that production will be complete such that we will have product in Australia by late May. This is a couple of months after our initially anticipated arrival date.

When we initially nominated a cut off period for pre-orders, it was in anticipation of having displayed painted samples in December, which is a deadline that has obviously been missed. So that we can allow our customers time to view images of the painted samples, we will be extending the pre-order price availability to the end of January. (And to all of those who got their orders in by 31 December, we will include a pack of complimentary pack of bogies when we ship your order as a “thank you” gift).