Order Forms

An alert reader of this blog has kindly informed us of difficulties opening the order form using the Mozilla Firefox browser.

While we work on a fix, please feel free to request an order form via email (info@hawkmountmodels.com) if you are having any issues.

Alternatively, saving the jpg image below and then printing should produce a serviceable order form.

Epping Model Railway Club Market Day

Apologies for the ridiculously late notice to everyone, but an opportunity to attend the Epping Model Railway Club Market Day on 28 November (tomorrow) has come up. We will be attending with the engineering samples on hand. The Market Day is held at Dence Park, Epping, NSW. Kick off time is 10am. See you there!

RKKY Engineering Samples – Update

Here are some more images of the forthcoming RKKYs. (Note again that these are uncorrected pre-production samples – there are some tiny corrections and improvements being made now).

We have tested them extensively on a large Sydney club layout last weekend, and found that they performed flawlessly in both all coupler and drawbar configurations. The diecast chassis provides superb rolling qualities.

RKKY Project – Assembled Engineering Samples

RKKY samples have been finished and are on their way to Australia.

Here’s one of the images the factory has sent beforehand. Note that these¬†uncorrected pre-production engineering samples only, but still, we think they look pretty good!