The factory has advised that the finishing touches are being made to the samples. Below are some images of the test shots that they have sent us. We are absolutely delighted by how they look! (Clicking on each image will enlarge it).

Diecast chassis test shot at right, with the main etch deck components in place. (Obviously brake gear has not been added to the sample in this view!)

As per the shot above, the RKKY chassis is diecast, for strength and weight. However, while the chassis mould was being completed, the factory quickly ran off a 3D-printed chassis in order to have something to attach the brake gear test shots to. The image at right shows brake gear fitted to this 3D printed chassis mockup -the extent of the brake detail is self evident! (NB: Not every piece of brake gear is fitted in this shot).

Another shot of bogies, complete with springs in situ on the bogie on the left.