Exhibition Diary Update

We have confirmed attendance at the following exhibitions during coming months:


  • 20-21 August 2016: Caulfield Exhibition (Caulfield Racecourse, Station St, Caulfield, VIC)
  • 1-3 October 2016: The Sydney Model Railway Exhibition (Whitlam Leisure Centre, Memorial Avenue, Liverpool, NSW).

RKKY wagons are now in stock!

RKKY stock has now arrived. To those who were thinking about placing an order but who haven’t yet, don’t miss out!

All pre-orders have now been shipped as of this morning. Thank you to all for your custom!

Now, the next one…

Weathered RKKYs

Our friend Mike Crompton has worked his weathering magic on a set of pre-production RKKYs, some photos of which are reproduced below. Mike has used a combination of airbrushing, weathering pencils and pastels to produce these effects. He has also added his trademark real reflectors to the side sills. (The production models represent this feature with paint).

A shipment of RKKYs has now left the factory and is being air-freighted to Australia. Just a reminder that quantities are very limited and stock is selling through quickly. Get your orders in now to avoid missing out!


RKKY update – getting close now!

Here’s a few more photos of pre-production samples. We’re getting very close to delivery now!

Drop by and see us at the Brisbane Exhibition on May 7-8!


Exhibition Diary

We have confirmed attendance at the following exhibitions during coming months:


  • 2-3 April 2016: 28th Canberra Model Railway Expo (University of Canberra High School, Kaleen, ACT).
  • 7-8 May 2016: 39th Brisbane Model Train Show (Brisbane Showgrounds, O’Connell Terrace, Bowen Hills, QLD).
  • 11-13 June 2016: Epping Model Railway Club Exhibition (Brickpit Stadium, Thornleigh, NSW).
  • 2-3 July 2016: Hobson’s Bay Exhibition of Australian Model Railways (Union Hall, Latrobe University, Bundoora, VIC).


NB: Due to (entirely non-train related!) commitments, we won’t be able to attend any of the March exhibitions this year.

RKKY Painted Samples

The RKKY painted samples have arrived! A few a little things to correct, but we think they look fantastic! (And while we are on the subject of decoration, a very special thank you is owed to the friend of Hawkmount Models who literally scrubbed the rust off the deck of an RKKY with a brush to find out what the lettering printed there actually said. Unlike the rest of the decoration, the deck lettering isn’t included on the prototype engineering drawings. We’ve faithfully reproduced what he found – see the third photo below).

Just a reminder, the pre-order price of $199.95 per pack has been extended to the end of January, so now’s the time to place an order if you want to take advantage of the discounted price!

RKKY update

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback so far on the RKKY project, but in particular many of those who have been in touch have been very complimentary about the bogies (see image below). Accordingly, we will be making these available as a spare part. (These bogies in prototype form are commonplace under a huge variety of modern Australian wagons, having often been used to replaced life expired original equipment).

After we provided some feedback on the images of painted samples sent through to us by factory, they have made some modifications, and have has advised that the revised decorated samples be leaving for Australia later this week. Further to this, the factory has also advised that production will be complete such that we will have product in Australia by late May. This is a couple of months after our initially anticipated arrival date.

When we initially nominated a cut off period for pre-orders, it was in anticipation of having displayed painted samples in December, which is a deadline that has obviously been missed. So that we can allow our customers time to view images of the painted samples, we will be extending the pre-order price availability to the end of January. (And to all of those who got their orders in by 31 December, we will include a pack of complimentary pack of bogies when we ship your order as a “thank you” gift).



Order Forms

An alert reader of this blog has kindly informed us of difficulties opening the order form using the Mozilla Firefox browser.

While we work on a fix, please feel free to request an order form via email (info@hawkmountmodels.com) if you are having any issues.

Alternatively, saving the jpg image below and then printing should produce a serviceable order form.

Epping Model Railway Club Market Day

Apologies for the ridiculously late notice to everyone, but an opportunity to attend the Epping Model Railway Club Market Day on 28 November (tomorrow) has come up. We will be attending with the engineering samples on hand. The Market Day is held at Dence Park, Epping, NSW. Kick off time is 10am. See you there!

RKKY Engineering Samples – Update

Here are some more images of the forthcoming RKKYs. (Note again that these are uncorrected pre-production samples – there are some tiny corrections and improvements being made now).

We have tested them extensively on a large Sydney club layout last weekend, and found that they performed flawlessly in both all coupler and drawbar configurations. The diecast chassis provides superb rolling qualities.

RKKY Project – Assembled Engineering Samples

RKKY samples have been finished and are on their way to Australia.

Here’s one of the images the factory has sent beforehand. Note that these uncorrected pre-production engineering samples only, but still, we think they look pretty good!

RKKY Project – Factory Engineering Samples

The factory has advised that the finishing touches are being made to the samples. Below are some images of the test shots that they have sent us. We are absolutely delighted by how they look! (Clicking on each image will enlarge it).

Diecast chassis test shot at right, with the main etch deck components in place. (Obviously brake gear has not been added to the sample in this view!)

As per the shot above, the RKKY chassis is diecast, for strength and weight. However, while the chassis mould was being completed, the factory quickly ran off a 3D-printed chassis in order to have something to attach the brake gear test shots to. The image at right shows brake gear fitted to this 3D printed chassis mockup -the extent of the brake detail is self evident! (NB: Not every piece of brake gear is fitted in this shot).

Another shot of bogies, complete with springs in situ on the bogie on the left.

RKKY Headstock details

The headstock assembly of the RKKYs have quite an intricate arrangement of horizontal steel rods held in place vertical columns, each of which feature six characteristic circular flanges or ‘rail stiffeners’ (see image below).

Below is an image of the vertical columns in model form. See how the components here have been double etched to capture the flanged appearance of the prototype as accurately as possible? The cost of double etching these components is (to be quite frank), eye watering, but we felt that it was absolutely essential.

This reflects the approach we have taken with these wagons – going to the extreme to get the very best model it is possible to make.

RKKY Bogie Test Shots

We’ve just received these test shot images of the bogies from the factory (and yes, the springs are separate part…!).


Order Forms For RKKYs Are Now Available!

RKKY Order Forms are now online. Please click on image at left to access the order form page.

We have a fantastic pre-order discount available for those who get in early!

Hawkmount Models – come and see us at Liverpool!

Hawkmount Models – come and see us at Liverpool!

Hawkmount Models will be attending the Sydney Model Railway Exhibition at Liverpool on 3-5 October, 2015. At the show we will be announcing our very first model: the RKKY 3 pack steel billet wagon.

Produced with careful reference to over 60 prototype engineering drawings and over 600 prototype photos, this model will be an extremely accurate representation of a unique vehicle. (Check out the images of the CAD drawings and decoration artwork on the product page).

We’ve commissioned this project from an OEM that has also produced what we consider to be some of the very best of the Australian outline models already on the market. We have to say the owner of this business has been marvelously professional, co-operative and accommodating in working with us to design a model that should be nothing short of superb.

For the last couple of months or so, we’ve been sweating on getting engineering samples into the country on time for the Liverpool show, and our OEM engineers have actually been working weekends to deliver for us.

We are just going to miss the deadline, but we are delighted to say that we will have engineering samples later in October and we can’t wait to share the images on the website as soon as they arrive.

Come by and see us at Liverpool and check out (some) of what we are up to. We look forward to seeing you there!